Mini motrix for trade


This yoyo is a nice yyj throw. it is somewhat like the speeder and has a sharp profile. I got it for $50 as my first real throw, and have grown out of it. its pretty rare, only could find it for sale at two or three sites. has a couple miniscule cracks, (shown in picture if you cant see them, their really that small!!) but so small, only saw them in making this. does not affect the play in the least. the metal edges are nickel, and are only marred from over- grinding. a smooth play. could do with a new bearing, but will play well as is. im only giving it up because i dont like the proflie any more. a real wonderful player. although its a year and a half old, i kept using it as my fall-back, and was reluctant to give it away. take me up on it soon i might change my mind!! ::slight_smile: you will not be let down. this is one of the best out there.
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not really cash.

PM me if you are interested, color of the yoyo, and post questions about the yoyo.


i have a red black night u interested??


more pics… by the way, it is half silicone fing/ half o-ring response.


here is some pics




the cheeseburger. that yoyo feels weird in the hand imo

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