AF's Trade Shack

Just a small trade thread. Not really looking to sell right now, just looking to try out some new throws. Let’s see what’s up.

General-Yo Mini Star i[/i] PENDING

This is an awesome throw. I do love it but I’m looking for something a bit bigger. It plays the same as the day that YYE shipped it to me. No dings or scratches, maybe a very faint scuff that you can see in the pic from brushing against the carpet once. You can see what I’m talking about if you look closely. Really though, it’s like it’s not there.

YYJ Meteor i[/i] PENDING

Super great player. It’s really smooth on the string. I bought this from Jayyo a while back and loved it. Still love it. Had the caps but I’d have to locate them again. If I do find them they probably are in poor condition. The yoyo itself is in good condition but needs some cleaning up prob. You can see the black marks in the photos.

YYF Velocity i[/i] PENDING

This is the yoyo I learned on. It is still one of my favorite throws. A really, really awesome plastic. There’s some tiny scuff marks that came with the yoyo when I purchased it (new)… probably some mold marks. This is a beasty plastic though. Great deal sweetener.

Now, for what I’m looking for. You can really offer anything… I’ll give it consideration, trust me. Really wanting to try out some new things. But here’s on the top of my list…

  • CLYW
  • SPYY
  • ILYY
  • G5
  • 888x
  • Hatrick
  • Severe
  • Tactic
  • Protostar
  • PGM
  • Sunset Trajectory (x2)
  • Fiesta
  • and like I said, pretty much anything I haven’t tried. Offer up and i’ll let you know!

Also, on a side note… I’m really only looking to trade with reputable traders/sellers/buyers unless you don’t mind sending off first. I ship priority with tracking.

Thanks for viewing.

SNAP this back to the top.

I have a pgm I wouldnt mind tradin its got dicestacks, a cleaned bearing, satining and the works. Cleaned duncan bearings for the stacks and a real nice throw. but only for the meteor. ill resheild it!

ill trade a freehand (white) and a purple and yellow speed beetle for the ministar