FS/FT: Tactic, Popstar, and Yoke LF: Offers!

I’m Trading a few throws, Please have pics of the throws you want to trade. If you have a higher rating than me I will ship first, If I have a higher rating than you, You must ship first. Thanks

More photo’s: http://www.flickr.com/photos/67150623@N02/?savedsettings=6998335501#photo6998335501

First up Is a B-Grade Tactic. It plays amazingly! I almost don’t want to give it up, it will take quite a good offer to make me part with this thing. It is splatter one side and matte on the other, just an ano flaw. Super smooth. Mint.Gone

Next is one of my favorite throws, Shenzhou Yoke. It is extremely smooth, and it is one of if not my most thrown yoyo. Its play is incredible. I has a few nicks and scratches but only 2 moderate ones, they don’t affect play at all. 20

Lastly is a mint popstar. Super smooth, extremely portable, great little throw to walk around with. Not a single scratch, nick, or ding on the thing. It is in great shape. 20

Sorry for Quality Pics were taken with Ipod

YYF- Protostar or NorthStar, JK
YYJ- Fever
Offer Anything

i might be interested in the popstar. let me think for a few days.