Mindblowing 4a Freestyles

4a is a pretty special style to me. Out of the five main styles, it seems to rest in the middle, in terms of difficulty. It’s harder than 5a and 1a, but it’s easier than 3a and 2a. There are a lot of crazy good 4a players that I appreciate, but there are just some freestyles that completely blow my mind every time I watch them.

Personally, I think this is the best 4a freestyle of all time. It was just beautifully executed, and anyone who could pull off such a freestyle flawlessly, with a small yoyo like the Haybusa, gets my respect.

Rei is a fine example of having stage presence in yoyoing, which isn’t as common today. This, near flawless, routine is definitely one of my favorites. He always has a certain charm to his smooth style. When I started 4a, I would spend hours watching his freestyles.
(There seems to be a time lag in the video so the music is a little off)

Naoto Okada has become another 4a favorite for me this year. He has great stage presence, and his tricks are wild. He makes yoyoing look more like an art, which is what I love to see. If he would land his tricks more consistently, I’d consider Worlds his for the taking.

Now what is you’re favorite 4a freestyles?

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Ben Conde


Wahooo! Go Ben!

His 2011/2012 are the best.

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No one has more fun yoyoing then Sean Perez I swear

^ He’s another favorite of mine. He has some super cray tricks!

I think Ben Conde is good but every single freestyle of his has been the same for the last couple years…gets old quick.

My boy is lim aik wee (probwbly spelled wrong haha). That guys is awesome.

Kazuaki and Rei are probably my two favourite offstring players.  Kazuaki used to do some really crazy stuff with Freehand Zeroes that I really like that looked fairly different from most offstring today:

I’m pretty sure this one isn’t using FHZs (maybe Pandas?), but it’s another really good freestyle of his:

Kazuaki. Jeez. I always appreciate players who have amazing flow in 4a.

I personally enjoy smooth, more technical 4a myself. I also love anyone who uses hayabusas on stage. ^^

Those are my 4a choice.

lim aik hwee’s 2006 AP freestyle could probably still win a present day competition

I’m noticing a trend. When players have 4a freestyles to dubstep, they’re starting to do really intense boingy boing combos when the beat drops. lol
This guy is nuts though.

Wow, that was pure art. I did not see even the slightest bobble in that whole routine.

It’s crazy that’s a 3rd place freestyle. It just shows how next level Japan is getting.

This… Just… Wow…

My fav 4a player. He didnt seem like himself at worlds though, if he didnt mess up so much he wouldve won

I’ve always liked Naoto Okada, he is also why my friend bought a griffin wing, he couldn’t believe naoto own worlds witha $15 yoyo haha
Kazuaki is also one of my first ever looks at 4a
I might be a bit biased since I’m Filipino (PINOY PRIDE XD) but my all time fAvorite is Sean Perez. He is so energetic and seems to always have fun and his tricks are PRETTY hard, like his between the leg whip, hair grind(that trick is harder than u think even if I have the same hairstyle XD) his thumb and hi stack style grinds, etc. all with a hayabusa with mod spacers

Spelled Lim Aik Hwee, he is a close second, he also uses what Sean uses just different color, that dude is sick… I also remember seeing I think a 2010 or 2011 video of him on jayson lim’s he could do soloham (not the normal Soloham, he had 1 hayabusa in each hand, he was doing open string binds with both hands at the same time, it’s EPIC)

he did double open string bind blindfolded

Everybody forgot Ben Conde 2011 World yoyo contest… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbgrRaO169M

I feel like this guy has awesome moves.

dunno who he is. :confused:

His name is Futoshi Maruyama.

Has Bryan been mentioned yet?