Mimi Thian trick

So I was watching the Mimi Thian video for the C3 Speedaholic, and at 1:57 she goes into a trapeze, and whips a slack onto the trapeze. I really like the way the trick looks, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Has anyone else figured out how to do it? I’d love to learn this trick.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IIhstdGeU4 The trick I’m interested in starts at 1:56-7. Any tips on how to do it would be fantastic.


It’s called a Mach Whip, it’s a really fun trick.
So you’re in trapeze.
Then you wrap your throwhand index around the string so that the string goes from the yo-yo to the [i]outside[i] of your throwhand to your index finger.
Pinch the string on your non-throwhand index.
Whip the string in a counterclockwise motion (clockwise for lefties) so that the string wrapped around your throwhand forms a slack formation and whips onto the inside half of the yo-yo.
I hope this helps, if you have any questions, PM me or just reply.

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Awesome, thanks! I got it down on my break after I saw your explanation. I checked on youtube after work and I watched rethinkyoyo’s tutorial and I’ve got it down. Thanks a ton!

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Sure thing!

You can do a clover pop after the Mach Whip to end up in a Houdini Mount, too, to continue with any tricks based on the Houdini mount. :smiley:

Well thanks for that information Greg! I’m not sure what a clover pop is, but I’ll look it up! I used to get into this mount from a houdini mount, so I figured there was some way to do it! This is a really fun trick, and since my main combo was based on the resulting mount (a kamikaze mount, I believe) I’ve managed to work it into my main string of tricks. ;D