Can't find this trick

Here it is. I stopped yoyo-ing in college. Now that I’m in the “real world” again, I got free time and I don’t really feel like watching TV so the old Mark Mont came back out. so [whips out boom box, presses play] “guess who’s back, back again. Spiderpig’s back. tell a friend”

Anywho, there was a trick I remember from trapeze that starts off in trapeze, throws a slack loop from the dominant hand over the front of the yoyo and then bounces the back over the dominant. I can’t remember where it goes from there. Ideas?

Yuuki Slack?

Could be, is it this:

Nope, its not yuuki slack.

What I have in mind is almost like a wrist whip around the front of the yoyo. And it wasn’t gyroscopic flop either

Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a Spider Pig does. You should look up Spider Ham/Peter Porker if you don’t already know it.

On topic it doesn’t happen to be Iron Whip does it?


@:24 seconds he does the first part but there is a full trick that uses this move

That part of the trick at :24 is called Mach Whip or Houdini Whip if I’m not mistaken.

Yeah, WaterFiredude is right. That’s just a mach whip at the 24 second mark.


Is there a popular combo that starts with that?

I’m thinking you’re looking for “slack trapeze”, try that out. It’s in the Advanced Part 2 part in the trick section on this website at the top left. Or you could just look it up on youtube. Or it could probably be kwijibo, by the way you described it (although you did talk about it being a slack trick, so that might not be it). Just look up the trick “slack trapeze” and the trick “kwijibo”, and see if that’s what you are talking about.

Mickey has a lot of combos that start with a dismounted houdini and then stuff like this one from 00:58

there is a known combo named:kamikaze that starts from a mack whip