Milkshake Axle

There’s a problem with my Milkshake. The axle completely passes through one half, making it impossible to screw together. Any ideas for a solution? Here’s a picture so you know what I mean:

Can you unscrew the axle through the half with your fingers? If not, take an allen wrench and unscrew the axle, then screw the axle into the other half and screw the yoyo back together, should work fine. If the axle passes through the side while you’re screwing the yoyo together, then you can glue the axle into one side, this is actually what One Drop did with the Markmont Next. Another thing you can do that’s a bit annoying is just screw the yoyo together, unscrew it, and screw it together again until the axle is in both halves.

It’s while I’m screwing it together that it does it. The axle moves freely through the half. Sounds like gluing it into the other half might be the way to go. Thanks for the help!

My milkshake does the same thing, it’s completely normal.

Just screw the halves in little by little, switching off, to get it centered!

completely normal. what I do is screw the axle into one half a little bit less than I want it to be in that half (maybe 1 or 2 threads less) then just screw the other half on.

the yyf dv888 has the same thing, there’s no problem. i screw the axle into one half, then use the multitool to hold the axle in place (i don’t touch the screwed in half anymore) and just screw the other half over it. perfectly centered