Miguel Correa 5a

(KC97X?) #1

Cool idea to add new tricks to the list. It be cooler to get other champions to add their tricks to the list. If u had a chance, which players for what styles would u want. I would choose Patrick Mitchell for 2a so i could learn cow wraps.

(YoYoBlaze) #2

this topic has already been discussed and you should move the last part of the post to the site improvement section.


Nice welcome there yoyoblaze. Its only his/her second post.

Welcome to YE.

(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #4

i agree with kc97x

(YoYoBlaze) #5

oh sorry didn’t see that sorry
Welcome to YYE.

(Nova) #6

I call John Narum for 4A! WOO!


I think most of these players would be reluctant to even make tutorials. You must understand, they have lives of their own, and are probably very busy. So I don’t think that every free minute they have to yoyo would be spent making tutorials. :-\

(Mitch Ginder) #8



i would think its a good idea to do that. patrick mitchel is a good choice

(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #10

Yeah Samad is right these people do have lives but it would be cool if they could. :slight_smile:


Well Miguel already has made a bunch of tuts so…


i think that it would be cool if john higby showed some tricks to a succesfull AP performence, also, grant johnson for any of them, preferably 1a, 4a, or 5a. but i think andre is the # one choice for tuts cause he’s the only one to have made SOOOOOO many. Andre is the best!!!