can someone help me learn the trick at 00:30?


I don’t think there’s much to the trick that someone could help you out with other than saying “watch the video several times, and in slow motion,” but I’ll give it a shot…

The trick starts with a pull-start (or whatever it’s called!) which is possible because of the hubstacks on his Genesis. You can do that kind of start if your yoyo has hubstacks or matador-capable spikes in the hub (like a SPYY El Ranchero)… but matador-style is a lot trickier.

Once the yoyo is spinning from the start, he hops it in the air, does a sideways whip (pretty much like the kind of whip you would do for a laceration, but horizontal instead of vertical). With his now-free non-throw hand, he intercepts the loop in such a way that it “completes” its 180-degree turn by crossing his NTH over. At the same time he is crossing his throw hand on top, creating the formation for a green triangle.

The yoyo drops into the formation and the cross-arms GT is complete.

At least that’s what I see!

Like you, I’d have to refer back to the video several times as I practice in order to get it right. There are lots of YouTube extensions (Chrome) or add-ons (Firefox) to let you download the video and view it in slow motion; or to add slow-motion capabilities right within the browser. I usually download because VLC has good slo-mo functionality, but I also use EmbedPlus for Chrome which adds YouTube slo-mo.