how do you pull start s yoyo when it doesnt have hubstacks

i saw on you tube a guy pull started a kickside i was wondering how to pull start a yoyo without hubstacks. it just doesnt make sense. plz reply i need to know.

From matt \ sternberg97

Practice, and a ton of it. I don’t mean like “learning to do Spirit Bomb practice” I mean actual, honest to God, weeks of hair pulling frustration, practice.

The first thing you do is take the caps off. You should (on YYJs) see “nubs” on both sides of the yo-yo. These are actually the anchors that the axle affixes to. You’re going to be using these kinda like matador spikes or hubstacks. With fingers, as dry as possible, gently hold the yo (again, just like hubstacks) and fire away.

It helps to have your fingers slightly off-center, if that makes sense. It’s kinda like you’re “gripping” the nubs in order to keep a hold on the yo, but not so hard that the spin doesn’t happen. It’s hard to explain, and I’m hoping someone will come in here and do it better. If you’re serious about learning it, though, you’ll eventually feel it out.

Use gloves

Even with gloves, this still takes a good deal of practice. Not to mention you’re better off not using the gloves. No sense in using a “crutch” to learn a trick, and then have to relearn later without it.

i have a hitman how do you get the side picture off

Answered in your other thread. :wink:

well it could also be synergy caps

Yeah, those work. But I think he’s asking how to do it without them.

I know but in the video that he whatched there might be synergy caps

I saw the video a while back. There werent any Synergy Caps. In fact, synergy caps werent even invented then.

can anyone post a link to the vid?
I could never find it

I think its this

ill tryit w/ mine