Microsoft Hololens

You may or may not know about the hologram thing called the Microsoft Hololens.

How about making yoyo tutorials using this technology? You can have it project arrows or highlight string to show people what to do next. I also think that would be more clear than seeing people break it down in videos. Would this be possible by any chance?

It’s very interesting to see new technology being created and developed every day. As for your question, I truly think that this would help and make an impact on yoyoing. Learning tricks would be easier :D. First person yoyoing would be much more diverse with his piece of tech. Many more things are possible for this product by microsoft ;D

I like the idea, but I am very cynical about this because it is one product of many, that for several decades now promise to come out but never does. Google Glass, canceled, Oculus Rift, on hold, Sega VR, vaporware, Project Morpheus, 2016 release(if it ever does get released). And there are dozens of companies that have promised VR headsets before in the past, they have either folded, or sold their properties to other companies that have done nothing with the patents.

Yeah all these companies promise it will come out one year from now, and then as the year arrives it all of a sudden needs a new redesign. I won’t hold my breath on VR ever being a reality no matter how neat it may seem.

Would definitely help the yoyo community…if everybody could afford it. Plus, as said above, VR keeps getting delayed. When Half Life 3 comes out is when VR comes out.
Possibly never, but we keep hoping.