Well I was at a show yesterday and I picked up this stuff called Microlon gun juice and the guy I got it from said “the only way to remove this stuff is to machine it off.” Apparently it acts as a lubricant by sealing the uneven surface of the metal. I was wondering if anyone has used the suff on yoyo bearings and if I use it on them if it will ruin them. (also note that I am using it on bearings that i have cleaned before)

Whats the viscosity of it? And whats its actual brand use? maybe try it on a random bearing and see what happens.

microlon gun juice

Basically it’s a dry lube. Doesn’t sound permanent.

UPDATE: I put it on my Velocity and it acts like when you put like 1-2 pinpricks of thick lube before it is broken in. I played it for 4 or so hours straight and it stayed relatively the same only got a little louder(like the loudness of a new OD 8-ball) from COMPLETELY quiet. I also started using it the next day and it was back to being completely silent. Oh! and the vibe was the same as before or a little worse.
So in conclusion I found it was another alternative to thick lube but quieter.
I’ll update this post if anything interesting happens. :slight_smile: