how do you run your bearings?


i run dry!

(Hardcore_Max) #2

With the tiniest drop of yyj thin lube just enough to take out the noise.


I use sewing oil.


Wouldn’t in be cool if you could use bacon grease? I love bacon :stuck_out_tongue:




i try to keep mine the way they are when i get the yoyo so like every month i give it a drop of YYJ thin lube, although i do NOT use YYJ they still make good lube :smiley:


I just run them dry. It is less work that way. lolz :smiley:


i run them dry.
i like the noise anyway, tell me how much spin time it had left. :wink:


i feel the exact same way and also it spins a bit longer cause no lube is slowing it down (yes thin lube slows it down)


Dry, but if a yoyos responsive, thin lube. But I prefer them dry. :wink: