Microcosm rebel in rainbow rare or just a yoyo that's stay in a collection?

I’m looking to see if these are easily had or is this one of those it would be easier to catch a leprechaun and steal his pot of gold situations?

Thanks for any input.

No one knows? Where the rainbow microcosms limited in number?

I have no clue. I do know that I have never seen one though. The other ones look amazing too.

You’re best bet would be to hit up Aman Sircus since he made them but the yoyo itself was pretty easy to get since not many were after it

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Thanks! Do you know if Aman is a member here? I’ll google for an email contact as well.

Let me guess you saw my reply on favorite color ways… the old rebel was amazing the color AND play was great.one of my friends has one and its good.I think yoyoexpert only had one run and didn’t restock.dont take my word on the runs here on yoyoexpert but I THINK it was only one run.

I did see it and that’s where I gained my want.

The rainbow wasn’t a limited color. It was the only color for the first run. I think the reason you don’t see them is
a. They’re amazing (atleast mine was, don’t own it anymore though)
b. people keep them in collections as an awesome skittles-ish colorway

I’m curious as to what this rainbow colorways is…

Pic anyone?

I believe this is it. Photograph courtesy of Yoyoskills.

You said these are like super rare right?

They weren’t “super” rare necessarily, but they are not available through any store anymore. That is how the entire first run of Macrocosms was primarily colored. They were all “skittles” rainbow to a degree. When they came out YYE had at least 50+ of those for sure because I remember watching the count go down, down, down. There were variations here and there, on some throws the unicorn was also rainbow, on some the unicorn was solid colored, etc…but the basic premise, black with rainbow splash, was (I believe) the entire first run of Rebel Macrocosms.

If you’re looking to contact Aman he does keep a fairly active facebook page for Rebel:

Are there like any up for sale or something

Because I could just sit and look at that thing all day

I remember they were really big like a year ago, but knowing if that color way was limited is hard to tell :confused: