MfD Prime8 vs Backstage Pass

For those who have tried both, which do you enjoy more: Mfd Prime8 or the Backstage Pass?


I personally prefer the Prime 8, but I’m a huge organic fan boy.

Either one is great and a good example of MFD.

If you were trying to choose, I’d check the profile and get the one that speaks to you most.

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Out of the two, backstage pass is what I would say. Out of all my monkey finger throws, these two are my least favorite though.

The Caesar and Pixel ape are the best monkeys in my opinion.

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I also love organics, but the Prime8 is kinda giving me IQ vibes based on looks.

I think the prime8 and BSP are some of monkey fingers best throws. A lot of their throws tend to have extreme weight distribution but the BSP and prime8 follow a more general weight distribution. Most MFD throws have a large amount of center weight which takes away from the actual performance of the throw but can cause them to have a more unique feeling during play. Sometimes this is good and other times it just feels kind of wrong. The prime8 and BSP have a good amount of rim weight and pretty even distribution though the rest of the yoyo.


I can see that comparison, based on the Prime 8 rims. In play, I don’t think they’re very similar. I’ve never thrown them back-to-back, though, I’ll have to give it a try later.

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