Metric bearing?


So i was using a friend’s Hspin Phoenix today and i had to unscrew it. When i did this, i noticed that the cage on the bearing was not metal, but some sort of plastic. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about how it differs? It seemed to be a standard 8-ball, but i was wondering if it had any affect on long-term bearing play.


It shouldn’t make a difference. It was made that way.

If it bugs you, you can order a different metric bearing and that should resolve the issue. I have had some issues with the YYJ half-spec bearings included in many yoyos that use the plastic cage design. The ones that use the decent metal cage work great. I’m hesitant to clean these plastics ones out, as I’m not sure if the mineral spirits and/or acetone may eat at it. However, I do have plenty so I guess I could sacrifice one for trial purposes.


Yeah, I was wondering if it would take Terrapin X Dry Play. or if i could even clean it out.


TX has all popular metric baerings, steel or S/C ceramic.
Tha S/C 's never require any further lube.
Steel - dryplayt lube


I’m not sure i understand. I was wondering if the cage being plastic would affect how the Dry Play lube acted.


I believe you can just treat it like a normal bearing for cleaning purposes.


You’re not lubing the cage.


Yeah, but the balls run in the cage, right? So anything that’s on the balls will get on the cage.


The cage is probably designed with the idea to withstand whatever the lube is. I wouldn’t be worried about it. The Dry Play treatment seems to be much more inert than the liquid lubes. I would be more worried about whatever solvents you choose to use to clean it out, especially considering you need to use acetone for Dry Play treating.