Plastic Cage bearing


lol I heard somewhere about hspin’s plastic caged ball bearings? Can someone elaborate about them? And can someone explain why it would be smoother than other bearings? I thought the plastic would melt due to the friction ??? Thanks!

(JonasK) #2

[quote] Our bearing supplier showed me a different kind of bearing. I am sure it’s not completely new in the market and someone must have been using something similar: precision stainless steel bearings with a plastic cage.
Why is there an advantage here: There are the following types of friction applying:
“Rolling friction” between the races and the balls: For this, steel on steel is ideal to avoid microscopic deformation of the material.
“Stiction” between the bearing cage and the bearings (and the races): For this, plastic on steel is much better as they glide very smoothly.
That’s why. So I’m experimenting with the bearings. This could be the longest spinning non-ceramic bearing.


Oh thanks pheenix, but will the plastic melt?

(JonasK) #4

To be honest… I have no idea. It should melt in regular mineral spirits. But again, I’m not completely sure of this. Why don’t you just contact HSpin about this: