Pure ceramic yoyo bearings?!? Not just the balls?!?

I’ve been seeing a bunch of these on “billy bobs” Chinese website. I have never once seen one in the yoyo market. It seems as tho it is entirely ceramic. The casing, the balls, and the inner ring. I imagine the trace has to be metal atleast? I don’t know what to think about these but I am hoping some of you intelligent throwers on yoyoexpert have some info on these? I might buy some just because I am that curious about them ??? And you can see in the picture they are even KK.

been around a long time…

  1. they’re weak… very brittle and easily damaged

  2. they’re no better than a regular ceramic… pure ceramic bearings aren’t designed for what we want from them, they are designed for harsh chemical environments… they serve us no real purpose.

The ‘good’ ones are extremely expensive, though there are some cheaper chinese made ones that are basically junk for our uses.


Thanks a lot Kyle!
I guess that is why none or the bigger companies make them lol.
I was thinking that they would def get nic’d, mostly if you have a tight bearing seat

I had 2 full ceramic bearings. One broke when I was pulling it off a stuck bearing seat. Now I have one! They were close to $60.00 a bearing. My ceramic whipple bearing plays better then the full ceramic.

I was pretty sure the cage that holds the balls together is made of plastic.