anyone tried to use a full ceramic bearing for yo-yo?


I need some comment, please. ???


It wouldn’t really play any different then a ceramic caged bearing. You can get them though but I don’t think they come in yoyo sizes.

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Search this on ebay
“bearing 5x10x4 ceramic”

That was the only size I could find.


I live in Hong Kong and I noticed that China got 6x13x5 which is the nearest size (size C) I can get.


People have tried a proper c sized bearing. It isnt that good. There was a thread a few month back on YYN.


Full ceramic bearings are primarily used in highly corrosive or sanitary applications.
By the nature of ceramics they are costly to manufacture. For about $50 you don’t get a very good one for yoyoing purposes, more like $120. They are very brittle and shatter easily if you drop them or have a poor fitting bearing seat and have to pry them off.
You can get them in any size, yoyo or other, and any configuration. If you search using A,C or D as a size it will just find yoyo sites, use the actual dimensions.


Yes, unless you are yoyoing in a vat of acid, or the core of the sun, you probably don’t need full ceramic.


dang man in that case i need a full ceramic yoyo :o


but… youll be dead.


don’t judge him. for all you know he could be super boy/girl and the sun is his secret layer:D