Metalhead vs 2sick serenity

Ok so I know I’ve made a lot of threads I just don’t know how to keep an old thread alive but this is the last so please don’t get mad

Alright so these 2 yo-yos are the ones I’m considering to buy.I just don’t know which one to go with please help me decide on which one is overall a better yoyo. I’m looking for an all-rounder that can do any trick really well

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How experienced are you with yoing?

I think if you’re just getting started either of these throws will be amazing for you.
Have you watched any of the youtube reviews on these 2 throws?

IMHO I’d go with which ever one looks better to you. If you’re leaning more towards one, then go with that one!
Both of these yos are more than capable of anything you can throw at them as far as tricks go.


This is basically every yo-yo these days. It’s really hard to make recommendations without established preferences. But these two are on the wider end of the spectrum, you may want to start with something with more average specs and see how you like it.

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Sorry if you’re hearing the same answer over and over but literally, both of those are good and will serve you equally as good. Choose the one you think it looks the coolest.


Alright thanks for the advice man

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Thanks bro I’ll take those things into consideration

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Go for any modern competition-oriented throw. Shutter, Flank, etc would do you well. Even something like the Y01 Node would get you through all the beginner stuff. Only issue might be finger spins; you’d have to check the cup design, but the Serenity seems to be fine for that. Avoid organics and anything gimmicky or undersized. Go for a basic, full-sized, rim-weighted V/H shape monometal.

G2Nate actually has a really good review on it. He compares it to the Flank but the Flank is really really similar to the Metalhead so I would take them as analogues for the purpose of comparisons.