Metal yoyo injury


Will u get cuts from metal yoyos?

(JonasK) #2

You can, but it would be hard. Get a Noctu and see what happens :smiley:

(Waylon) #3

If a metal yoyo is damaged in a way that leaves it a sharp, pokey spot it could cut someone. Just be nice to your yoyos and they’ll be nice to you.


I’v never got a cut but I got a fat lip. Lesson learned KEEP IT AWAY FROM YOUR FACE!!!


ask ibanezcollector about the dangers of the noctu. :smiley: :smiley:

(SR) #6

You can’t really cut yourself with a metal yo-yo, unless you ding it really hard, and a sharp spot sticks out. Very unlikely though. But like arad111 said, keep it away from your face. I’ve had a few accidents…


Totally not true. I’ll get you some pictures from friends. All of these were on flawless yoyos.



My Catch 13 just snapped back up and hit me in the eye. Yes it cut me very bad and my M1 did too.

(Infinite Chaos) #9

I dinged my wide sport on the ground a few times and it has a few sharp edges on it now. Doubt it’ll cut me, but definitely possible. Lol ;D


cut and a big ol’ knot… Super Mint yoyo too.


LOL! That was great! You pulled out the bike helmet haha.

Really though, it’s possible, but not too likely. It definitely shouldn’t keep you from buying a metal yoyo.


I’ve gotten small welts or hits on my hand, but no cuts. But the video with the black eye oh my gosh that looked painful.

(Mitch) #13

I’ve cut my arm on my DM from a nasty ding…

With my G5 I had to get used to catching it because at high speeds if you catch a metal yo and it hits the knuckles or somthing it hurts a little worse than a plastic


You’re right. It shouldn’t stop you from buying a metal. The thing is its not very uncommon. It actually happens all the time. Usually from a bad bind. Even plastics can do this. Thats not as likely though.


i’ve hit myself in the head a few times (too many to remember???) but the most painfull thing yoyoing has done is give me a fair share of string burns, those things hurt!!!


yes you can but you would have to be pretty bad to get a cut from a yoyo no offense to any one who has got cuts from a yoyo before.

i think the Mk13 has pointy enough hubs that you can get cut