Metal Cult classics

Collectors: What metal yo-yos would you consider highly sought after cult classics? And by this I mean hard to obtain, ‘legendary’ all metal throws… Back in the day, before the high-end metal market was so saturated with options… I recall certain releases seeming like they had to be the ‘holy grail’ of yoing or something. At that time it was all about HSpin Good & Evil, Oxygene, and the Anti-Yo Fluchs… These companies produced a small amount of high quality throws that pushed the envelope in terms of design… and price. Now, Hspin obviously has blown up a lot, so they are now a commercial success, and Anti-Yo seems dead, but that coating of theirs was mind blowing at the time… I know people still look for their stuff in the b/s/t. Oxys retain their cred but it seems to have less of an impact because there are so many other somewhat similar options out there now.

What do you consider your legendary cult classic metals, and why? Now, to be clear I can rock a plastic yoyo just fine and any good yoyo player should be able to impress with any type of yo-yo. I’m not trying to say anyone needs these things, they are just a luxury to collect.

Idk, side bearing?
I was going to say OG G5, because the H-shape and hubstack, but miroc has stack first.

Original Painted Peaks.

Good call on the Miroc! Forgot about that… About what year did that come out ?? And heck yea on the peaks - def set a new standard on artistic quality (as well as playability!)

around 2004 i believe. not sure though.

i only heard great things about 1st run peak, never had a chance to play them.