Merrill bradway yoyoing

Please watch this video ;D

Your better than me but i would take out the parts you missed do them until they’re flawless and put in those. Also i would go back over tricks until you’ve got them down because you did miss the string a bit. But like i said im not as good as you soooo…

You asked me to watch the video. I heard the music one second in and said “Nuh uh…”

True story

Mabye I’ll watch it on mute brb :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i agree a bit but what my main thing of keeping in the misses was because we like to show that you can make a good video with skrew ups and not being perfect at it, its just a thing we like to do with the videos mybe next time when im editing it for my friends (the yoyoers) ill try to get rid of those see how it turns out. Thanks for the feedback! ;D