Mercury Bearings.


I’m looking into picking up 1 or 2 of these. How are they?


These are actually really good, I have one and it works great. It spins way longer than a stock bearing, I’ll tell you that. It holds up longer too.


Sweet, thanks for the info bro! :slight_smile:
I thought it wouldn’t hold up as long as
stocks, because they come factory dry.

Do you play it in you 888? I have one
and was planning to use it in my 888.
If so, does it work welll in your 888?


where can i get a mercury bearing? ???


PM’ed the link!


Yeah its great on an 888.If it really helped just “thank you” the post.

Happy i could help


Thanks dude, I’m gonna pick some up then.


I don’t like them at all. I prefer stock.


Why not? Too dry? Noisy?


Its just one of those things.


I see, I see.