Memphis or Nashville TN clubs

Levitt Shell is pretty convenient to me with lots of parking and shaded grassy areas. Wiseacre taproom on Broad has some shaded areas outdoors. Crosstown Brewing Company Taproom has a fairly spacious indoor area and shaded outdoor area that has a little grass, but I haven’t been in a few months.

The older memphis group used to meet at Germantown Public Library; I don’t know if they reserved a room, or if there was just space to throw. I could check to see if the Benjamin J. Hicks Central Library has any spaces that can be reserved (for free). Either of you have a preference for which area of Memphis, and do you care if it’s at a taproom?

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To be honest i have no clue where any of that is as long as its a nice comfortable area to hang out and chill im fine

What are is that central library at??

Ill start looking up places to

The Central Library is between midtown and east Memphis. On two major streets. Pretty close to Sam cooper, which is an interstate spur that connects directly to I-40.

3030 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38111

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Overton Park Shell is a fun spot as long as it isn’t too hot outside. I don’t have much experience with tap rooms (I’m almost 21 haha) but the Crosstown Concourse in general is a real fun spot! I’m there quite often for many things. I’ll have to check out the library, I haven’t been there before.

I haven’t been inside the concourse during the day on a weekend, but there is a ton of space inside. Mostly smooth concrete floors. I bet we could find an area to stand around with room to throw.

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Whatever is the nicest place im there

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On the second floor there is the Crosstown Arts lobby area, that is usually a pretty chill place in terms of people count. I believe it’s also wooden floors as opposed to the concrete in the atrium.

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This sounds like a really great place to meet to me.

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It sounds like from the description we might be able to just show up. I take my kids to the central library pretty regularly, I’ll try to remember to ask about reserving space for a meet up next time. We might go again this week. I will not be available this weekend, but I could make it the 23rd or the 30th.

Whats up fellas, down for a meetup jul 30th??

I have a thing in the afternoon and evening. And I’m also no longer available on the 23rd. Nothing currently planned for the 6th, or I might be able to meet up for a bit in the late morning, between 10am-1pm.

I’ve got a show at the Green Room tonight, while I’m there I can ask someone from Crosstown Arts about a potential meetup. If y’all aren’t doing anything tonight, we have the incredible saxophonist Joel Frahm playing with us! I’ll bring a couple yo’s with me just in case, haha.

Did you get a chance to talk to Crosstown Arts about meeting at their lobby?

I totally forgot about this meet up on the weekend of the 30th, and subsequently forgot to post here that I was disappointed I forgot to check in here when I realized i had forgotten. I’m not sure I can make it this month, but maybe a September Saturday will work for everyone? I go to the central library fairly regularly and I’ll ask there if they have spaces that can be reserved for free.


I would be intrested yeah

July 30th wasnt a good time for everyone so i assumed we could so something at a later date

I have another show at Crosstown tonight so I’ll try my best to remember to ask someone about a meetup!

Looks like I’ve got something on every Saturday in September except the 24th. Anyone available to meet in Memphis on the 24th?

Im good for that, where would you like to meet at my friend?