Tennessee throwers?

Hey guys and gals,

I was wondering if there is any throwers in TN. I am in Jackson and we have about 3 people that yoyo around me, I am looking for more people get a club together!


Hey I live in Knoxville!!! I don’t know anyone around me that throw lol.

Im in knoxville

There is now a Memphis Yo-Yo Club. To learn more, go to: facebook.com/groups/memphisyoyo.

In Knoxville also. Any interest in trying to pull a few people together sometime?

I’m in Southaven Ms. Right next to Memphis.

I’m in Hillsboro next to Manchester home town of bonaroo

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I might be moving to somewhere North East. Elizabethton or around there.
(Reviving an old post)
I am curious who else throws in TN

Paris, TN, representing the 731

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