Tennessee Throwers


if there’s any throws in Tennessee pm me where we can get together


Tennessee seems pretty dead except for around Nashville. I seem to have the N.E. corner to myself. Funny because there is a set of stores in the Tri-Cities that sells yoyos. I have yet to see anyone with one except my Wife and I.


I’m in lower middle Tennessee and what throws they sell?


They sell YoyoFactory and Yomegas. They had 1 black 888, a couple grey or white Protostars and a few others the last time i was there. They actually had string packs too but I did not look to see what kind. The shop is called Bear and Friends Toys.

We started playing with the demo models of the Brains and some other yomega.


awesome dude


i live in knoxville is anyone near me


I’m not I’m like 3 hours from there


Im in chattanooga and i seem to be the only one throwing too lol. Anybody close to me?


im 2 hours from u im in between murfreesboro and columbia in chapel hill


I’m in Chattanooga.


I’m in Jackson tn about 2 hours from nashville


Sounds like you all need to meet in the middle at the Nashville yoyo meet ups. Wee meet the third Saturday of the month. Join us on Facebook to keep up to date.


What’s the name of ur Facebook cause I’m intrested!!




thanks for the add man


In in Chattanooga (ooltewah)


Join us at the Memphis Yo-Yo Club. To learn more, go to: facebook.com/groups/memphisyoyo.