Anyone in Memphis TN?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was anyone in or near Memphis TN, I just moved here about a week ago and was hoping to find some other throwers in or around the area

Theres a club up in nashville if youd like to check us out. we meet the 3rd saturday of every month. which this month is this saturday(although i figure the drive from memphis to nashville might be a bit to much) message me for more details

Thanks! I really appreciate the response and invite, but I was really hoping to find something a little closer

I’m down in Jackson, MS. Mine and my wife’s families both live in Memphis though so we come up often on weekends. Recently joined the Nashville club Facebook group since I hope to visit soon. There is one other yoyo-er down here in Jackson as far as I know. For the most part this seems to be a sparse area for skill toy players.

Yeah I’ve noticed, there’s a bit of irony here since I just moved up here from the Jackson area lol

Well shucks. Sorry I missed you while your were down in Jackson. (And sorry about the delay on this response.)
I will be coming up to Memphis a few times for the holidays.
Perhaps we can meet up.
Will send you a PM.

Hey sorry I am just seeing this post. I have a small group of throwers in Jackson Tn. We also host a facebook page.

come join us here we also do giveaways and all that good stuff.

if anyone wants to meet up let us know

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Hey i live in the memphis area and throw!

I’ll have to let you know the next time I come up for a weekend. The holidays are coming up too so I’ll be in town a good bit these next two months.

How long have you been throwing?

Join us at the Memphis Yo-Yo Club. To learn more, go to:

Any way to get/stay connected without facebook? I don’t use it.