Memphis or Nashville TN clubs

Im in the middle of memphis and nashville wondering if there is any clubs or meets near me

I’d be interested in hearing about any as well.

I am in the Paris, TN area, about an hour from Clarksville and Jackson.

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I live in jackson myself

There was a group that met every month in Nashville… Before COVID. The main organizer moved away, though, so it’s not clear what the future holds.

You might message and see if there is someone willing to plan meetings and revive the group.


I’ve been thinking it would be cool to have a memphis meet up. I think I heard the last group that was meeting turned into free babysitting at the Germantown library, so I’m not sure how to avoid that. I was thinking maybe we could arrange to meet at a tap room.

I didn’t finish my thought: a bunch of tap rooms in midtown have outdoor spaces that are technically all ages, and there are often food trucks. I don’t know what people would expect from an organizer, but I’m probably not the right person for that job.

That would be cool yeah lol I don’t even have social media so i wouldnt be fit for the job, but id surely show to every one of them

I think the old ones were organized on the book of faces, but I steer clear of that platform. I’m pretty sure that guy is on here as well…

Anyone out there???

If anyone wants to yoyo sometime at the Paris Landing State Park in Northwest Tennessee, hit me up.

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How far are you from jackson?

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About an hour

Clarksville is an hour from me as well

Nashville and Memphis are both two hours from me

Trying to think whay would be in the middle for us

Probably McKenzie if you’re from Jackson

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Lets get something guys i know there is some more peeps out there. I dont have a social media but heck ill host one in eaither city because im in the middle

I would be all for a Memphis meetup!! I’m a student here.

Nice! Travel ain’t really much of an option for me, so if anyone in Tennessee wants to spend a day at the lake yoyoing, I’m off every Friday.

The Paris Landing State Park, any Friday. The marker on the map for reference.

I hope you guys can get a Memphis meet going too!

Yeah kretz. A saturday works best for me im usually working on fridays. But we can make something happen. Thats two for a memphis meetup! A good start we may can plan that out soon im not sure about places to meet in memphis

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Im open to ideas