Calling all in Tennessee with a passion for yo-yoing

Let me introduce myself my name is Chris i live in Murfreesboro Tennessee and I am tired of yo-yoing by myself. I am looking for some serious yoyoist (looks strange :P) to possibly meet and up and start working on tricks. Currently I go out to clubs and raves to do some yo-yoing and i know a few dj’s that are looking for some people to yo-yo on stage dunno just an idea. If there is anyone out there down to work on trick and just meet people that share the same hobby post here.

Hey man my name is kyle and i live in chattanooga but would like to find a club or store that has a team or just hang and work on tricks.

Hi Chris,
If you havent already, join the YoYoNashville facebook group! There a few guys on there I think that live in Murfreesboro that frequently travel to Nashville and may even have local meets in Murfreesboro.