Memorable dates in your Yoyoing Progress?

Do you have any dates written down or memorized that are very significant in your throwing progress? I have a little hardcover journal I keep yoyo notes in and on the first page I wrote: “Thursday September 13, 2018 Learned Brain Twister! (with red Sage)” This is the date I got serious about throwing and every year I take out that Sage and do some Brain Twisters. On November 15, 2018 a guy at work taught me Barrell Rolls. Another milestone for me. These two dates were very important in my progress. Does anyone else have a special date in their Yoyo Journey?


The most important dates for me were long ago in my youth. The first time I picked up a yoyo and the first time I hit a trapeze, the yoyos my grandmother and I shared, great days!


May 25, 2020. Finally got boingy-boing! I know how you feel about that trick, Chris, but it’s still my favorite because it took so long for me to crack.


Summer 2013, Finally learned spirit bomb! Best day of my life at the time.


Sept 17th 2016.
Best birthday present ever (my b-day is around the 17th not actually on the 17th)
i got to go to my 1st contest ever, Nats 2016


Going to the world yoyo contest is on my bucket list


Haven’t gone as far as dates but 2010 and 15/16 were kind of big turning points for me in yoyoing. I got back into yoyoing in 2010 after my niece brought a yoyo home from school, had heard that I knew some tricks (they were very basic, enough to make a kid happy)…I had to look up and see what yoyos were out there as I was kind of back in the market for a bearing wing-shaped yoyo and I ended up going down quite the rabbit hole!

2011 is when I learned Boingy Boing finally…

2015 was kind of a big year again as I fell into a rut. I picked up a yoyo down at Disneyland and then ended up pushing myself to learn new stuff. Spirit Bomb was kind of the big one in 2015 along with Kamikaze, magic drops…Just too many things happened for me to really set a date.

2019, learned beefhook, 2 years after seeing it. Also Yuuki Slack (which I tried back in 2015).