One Year Ago: A Old Man Got A YoYo

I celebrated my one year yoyoversary yesterday!

old man lol

You have the same problem as me, you seem to pause between elements from time to time.

Awesome though. Your suicides are amazing.

And what a great year its been :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be “AN” Old Man? =P

Yes, it would.

Nice job on the video!

You should have paused as the By Air and by Sea went by! :smiley:

Oh how you have progressed. :smiley: wasnt round but i lurked your videos before starting back up lol

my one year is in june, as it stands my suicides are of no comparison to yours :bows:

my 1 year is in august. probally going to celebrate that and nat. yoyo day by stacks, berings or a new throw.

Man, I remember when you just some shmuck with a yoyo. You were progressing relatively quickly, remarkably quickly, even. It was really great to track your progress. Your website and posts on forums had a profound impact on the community.

Your tricks are legit. Alot of risk in them, and it pays off. That video was as well done as all your others, presenting the tricks cleanly. You’re also a really genuine guy.

And to think, its only been a year.

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