Member Tuts

Hey, This has kinda been posted in a few places but Could we make a member tuturial section? Like Samad’s tut’s and other tricks we made up. Sorta like michael’s list but a REAL section-- Not just all ExpertVillage videos?

I very much agree with this. But for all of you about my tuts: I decided not to make tuts like André’s tricks. Instead I am gonna make tuts about tricks I made up. I also take requests. If anyone wants to request a tut, tell me!

^^ do you know Candyrain?

I’ll try and learn it.

i agree, more tuts NOT from expert village

That would be cool,why not.

Yo, Samad. Can you do a tut on John Ando’s trick? I’ve been having trouble lately and that kid does a good job but I’d love a voice over.

Okay guys - This is all going into consideration.