my tricks

just want to share some tricks.

what do you guys think?
if anybody want a tutorial of any trick, please respond to this thread.

thank you.

very nice tricks.tut on the last one please.

SMOOTH, Great Tricks!

Very nice.Please make a tut for the first trick.


The last one actualy a combo consisting 3 trick. I’ll make a tuts for it if you like.

The very first? It’s just a follow and slack combo ended with brent stole and hooks.
I don’t know how to make tut for it. But has a nice tut for follow and brent stole.

Thanks my friend.

It’s ok my friend. I say i will make tutorial if people want it.

Can I have a tutorial for the trick that ends at 54 seconds please?

i loved it. great. btw… you really like Guy Wright, dont you?

That was fantastic! :slight_smile: Would you be able to make a tut for the trick at :47-:57 ?

thanks man
yeah, guy wright is one of my fav player. how do you figure?

ok, i think i should make a tut for it.
i’ll do my best for it.

hte last combo was really amazing, you should just make it one long trick XD