mcbride roller coaster

I can get into one & a half mount fine and get from there to double or nothing but after you dismount, the spinning around always slows my yoyo to a stop. I don’t know whats wrong. I am using a responsive yoyo but can change it to unresponsive if I needed.

i find responsive is harder to do tricks with lots of spinning. just work on your throw tho.

You may actually want to clean your bearing. If you have a dirty bearing, things like the roll out of double or nothing with grab the string a cause it to slow down. Also just try to keep the yoyo strait.

throw harder

I don’t know how long you’ve been yo-yoing, but it took me a little while a lots of practice to get consistent with side style play. The yo-yo tips a lot more easily than in front style. You can use the string to tip the yo-yo towards or away from you to control to correct your throw. Other than that I can only offer lots of practice (your throw will improve). It can take a while, but eventually it will click and you will find your tricks and transitions getting smoother. You’ll barely think about it after a while. :wink:

If the issue lies with the yoyo (the bearing), I would clean or lube it. When you flick it, does the bearing spin for a long time, or does it spin for 1 or 2 seconds? If it spins for a long time I don’t think you need to clean it.

If the issue lies with the trick itself, just make sure you are throwing the yoyo straight and true and it is not tipping. It also helps to keep the string centered on the bearing. Hope this helps.