MB's World of nickel plating!!! BareKnuckles 50Cal

How much do you think a chief would weigh after Nickel plating?

Weight change will be negligible, half gram, maybe a little more. It will feel a little more solid, though.

This is correct. The layer of nickel that is plated onto the surface of the aluminum is so thin it has very little effect of the yoyo’s weight. So a Chief, like most other yoyos, would only weigh about half a gram more than the original weight.

That sounds great, but the logic is not correct. Density does not equal hardness. The density of lead is more than both nickel and aluminum, but it is not harder.

What you are looking for is Mohs Hardness Scale. Diamond has a hardness of 10 which is the upper limit. Aluminum is 2.75. Nickel is 4. So nickel is harder than aluminum. (Lead is 1.5) These values are for the elements though, not for alloys, like 6061 or 7075. Anodizing will also greatly affect the hardness. I read that some anodized aluminum has a hardness of 7 to 9.

I don’t know the answer, but the alloy used, aluminum or nickel matter; as well as the anodization. And what you are looking for is Mohs Harness value.

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So the nickel. Shouldn’t ding as bad and should provide better protection? Or not since it’s so thin?

Yes, sorry about that. I just used hardness in quotes because I couldn’t think of a better word. And I also forgot about Moh’s Scale, as that was the first thing we learned in science class this year. Thanks for clarifying that :slight_smile:

The thickness applied can be controlled. Without looking at the moment at my info I believe the 50cal has a .0005 application. This is a recommended thickness for hand tools.

Regarding the durability. In most cases harder materials are more brittle. I recommend keeping ANY throw off the food!




Looking good, the only skill missing from your repertoire now is anodizing…even just clear would be great to protect your awesome blasts

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No plans on ano. Way way way down the road if so.