Nickel plating


Anyone? Anyone do nickel plating?


I did a couple but got side tracked after that. Its on my list of items to offer full time but it has a few things ahead of it as far as importance.


How much?




Uhm…k. so how much does “LMFAO" translate to in dollars?


Roughly $hedoesn’tcurrentlyoffernickelplating.


I never got around to figuring out what it would be as far as cost.

It won’t be cheap cause I don’t like doing it.


Thank you for the direct and understandable reply on that one. But if you ever get the time let me know


I was just having a conversation with someone about this.

Right now timing for me is crappy with the nickel. Lot going on with leftover stuff from being flooded out in hurricane Sandy. Nickel is one more item I don’t need on the stove so to speak. It needs to be done in a flawless manner and I just don’t have the time to devote to it.

It will come but its at the end of a short list of “to do” items.