MB's Powder Thread! Come & see the power of powder!


I… I just can’t even… Like, I’ve been imagining this on a yoyo since I started. This is officially the coolest paint job I’ve ever seen, and I will definitely be saving up to have that exact thing done.

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I’m still very tempted to get the Majesty phase 1 job done on mine… looks so good, the translucent and all.


For those that care to know I do not have plans to do any yoyo related work. From time to time I get a notification that someone sent a message about having something done to a throw so if I don’t reply this is why.

Doesn’t mean I don’t lurk once a year though!:wink:


Holy cow these look amazing :star_struck: – let me go through and edit to fix up any images I can.

(3 hours later…)

OK, everything is fixed and squeaky clean. There were a handful of posts where images were just gone completely, but the vast majority have awesome images.

This is easily one of the most amazing topics on this entire forum. I highly recommend jumping to the top:

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… and browsing this topic in detail because it… is… AMAZEBALLS.

I swear @mullicabob was doing unique custom finishes I’ve never seen on any yo-yo before, and he did it for years, all on his own, and he documented the whole process right here in this very topic for all of us :heart_eyes:

He’s also got a public Flickr here with more pics, too https://www.flickr.com/photos/mullicabob/

As well as instagram https://www.instagram.com/mullicabob/

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That bassalope before you sent it looks sick! It looks like watermelon I love it. He did a great job though