I really want to learn the matreshka trick, but the only “tutorial” is this joke video that doesn’t help at all!

??? ??? ??? Can anyone help!? ??? ??? ???

Pretty fast for a so called breakdown but it’s learnable, at least the camera is better than most so you can see what’s going on, trick isn’t too complicated so I don’t see why you would need any more of a tutorial, you could hold down the spacebar while watching it to get an improvised slow mo if you really need it.

OK, I guess I can watch it some more, but I don’t understand what he’s doing after the part where he whips the yoyo. From that point on I don’t understand.

I’ll try and interpret, after the whip, move the string you’re holding in your NTH around the inner facing side of the yoyo.

Then move the string coming from your TH middle finger up around the inner half of the yoyo.

Release strings held in TH.

Whip string around opposite side and catch it. So you should be in a reverse of what you were in before releasing the strings.

Pull yoyo tight to strings

Roll inwards once.

Move to outside of TH arm.

Open loop and drop TH strings.

I think that should be it…

I learned the trick a little while ago. I’ll make a tut. Should be out within a week?

ive been trying to figure that trick out forever i cant seem to get down :-\

I figured it out. It really isn’t that hard. All of the elements are very easy. Just watch it again and again.