Master Galaxy

Back when wide-yoyos where still a fairly new thing and when the Stalker came out I bagged a Stalker and although I thought it was a ton of fun, it was still a couple of grams lighter than what I prefer. So I sold it and waited for that perfect wide yoyo to come out, and when the preproduction version of C3’s Master Galaxy came out, I new that the wait had been worth it, because of it’s unique “shape” (which really appealed to me), and of coarse, it’s ideal weight. Unfortunately I missed out because they were sold out before I could get one, but was recently able to get a production version from YoYoExpert. I just wanted to say something good about the Master Galaxy because it is a ton of fun for sure, and there is really something to be said about the “super-wides” because they are riot to play with, and because of their uniqueness, I’m sure they are here to stay and definitely make the hobby of throwing yoyos that much more exciting. So if you are still thinking about getting your first super-wide throw, I guarantee you, you will be absolutlely delighted with the Master Galaxy. Granted, I’m sure the other super-wides on the market are also kick-butt. Three cheers for the SUPER-WIDES!!!