Massive wobble on my YoYoFactory SaqulerStar

(Cerulean) #1

Yesterday my shaqlerstar came in the mail and I noticed it had a crazy wobble. Does anyone know a possible fix?


Is it a vibe, or a wobble?

Check for any loose parts, responce particularly.

Hold your fingernail to it while it’s spinning. Does the spin smoothen out? if it does, it means that your throw is bad.

(Cerulean) #3

It’s more of a constant wobble and it is not my throw. I straighten it out rand it just goes right back into it.


Hm, interesting.

Check to make sure that the yoyo is all the way tightened. Tighten it until it won’t go any farther, but make sure not to crank it! You don’t want the plastic to crack. Check if the arrows on the rims are lined up - this can help.

Try unscrewing the axle with just your fingers. If you can, let me know.

(Cerulean) #5

The yoyo is all the way tightened and I can unscrew the axle with my fingers


Alright, let’s try tuning the yoyo.

First, take the axle all the way out.

Then, lay both halves of the yoyo on a table.

Next, screw the axle into one half of the yoyo very slightly, just enough for it to grab.

Then, place the second half on top of the axle and slowly rotate it until the two halves are screwed together fully.

See if that helps.


In what alternate universe is that how to tune a yo-yo?

(WildCat23) #8

Did you align the arrows?


It’s worked wonders for me, tuning out vibe in many of my yoyos.

(Cerulean) #10

I have tuned yoyos like that in the past and it does work however it didn’t work with the ShaqlerStar. I will try aligning the arrows but I don’t see how that will help.

Edit: how do i align them? I keep screwing it in different positions but i cant get the aligned


Try messing around with the axle a little bit. Unscrewing one side, then screwing in the other.

Check to see if the weight rings are loose. You might have just gotten a dud - contact who you bought it from.


Same here, It works well for me to.

(Cerulean) #13

I fiddled with the axle a bit, checked the weights and everything seems fine. aligning the arrows is impossible and if that is the case to have the yoyo be playable that is ridiculous. I’ll email YYE now. Thanks for all the help guys!


Oh, theres one more thing that you can check. Make sure that both of the spacers are put in the right way. It’s kind of a stretch, but it has happened to people before.

(WildCat23) #15

You should have to screw it really tight. Am I right? Don’t worry, you wont break it.

(Cerulean) #16

Spacers were actually one of the first things I checked and they seemed fine. Are you sure I should screw it real tight? I’m pretty sure it will just break.

(Cerulean) #17

Oh wait it worked! Kinda strange how the yoyo has to be aligned like that, I’ve never seen one like that


It came tuned from the factory. 100% hand tested. Once you removed the axle the arrows became obsolete.

(Cerulean) #19

Not for mine, the arrows have to be aligned. It’s not really an issue to me as long as it works properly