Massachusettes stuff

Weak. You should come. It will be fun.

Same. If I am in MA I will go, but I won’t be. Besides, we have Tyler Severance, JonRob, and A.J. Kirk! Although it would be really cool to meet André…

There is no DogBite during the summer. However, they still have yoyoschool, I forget the schedule for that but it’s on the site. Also, it’s “Massachusetts.”

Oh there’s no “e”? Ok. And there isn’t Dog Bite during the summer? Dang.

There’s plans for another meet in the works, I’ll let you know.

Ok thanks. If you can, work it out for it to be between like the 7th of July and the week after that.

Tyler Severance is actually gonna be in Arizona for a while 8)

The week after the 4th Boston is having the Tall Ships coming in and I have shows that week and weekend at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. I usually have “guest” performers in my show if you bring your yo-yo.

Oh! Wait! If you’re here, you have a show booked in Belchertown, MA on Aug. 10, Monday. Is that at Clapp Memorial Library? I live in Belchertown!

I looked at your calendar and it says that when you’re in that place it will be mid June, not July.

I really wish I could be there with all you guys at yoyo school. Thanks Hunter for saying that Dog Bite is over. I was just about to say it. It would have been funny if they all showed up, and no one was there. haha.

I really wanna go see everyone over at A2Z, I havent been there in like a month. It is depressing.