A2Z yoyo school


Hey guy i am going to a class at A2Z sometime this week and was wondering if anyone goes avidly? So like we could catch up and share tricks. And also if you have been is it fun?



I have not been there, but I have heard it is a lot of fun.

André worked there at some time, or he might still work there, I’m not sure.


what ive heard is that like 2 to 3 times a week he goes to visit the store


Yeah, but I’m pretty sure he worked there at some time, just not sure about right now.

I’ll trust you.

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Where is this place?


Nowhere near you.

Its near Northampton, MA

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Yeah A2Z is 2 hours away so i am doing a day trip trying some yoyos, than looking around town then a YoYo class. Its a treat for me ;D


It’s about 1 hour away from me. I bet it is really cool.


So i’m taking that people have heard of it but doesn’t go to it


Yeah, I would go, but its across the country.

If I ever visit my relatives who live there I’ll try to go, but otherwise, I probably won’t.

Not many people live around there on this forum, so we can’t go.




Well I live around there, but not close to it. I passed it a couple times, and now I’ve heard of it, I think stupid me! Because of all the times I’ve passed it.




Yeah. Now if time travel was possible.