Connecticut Area

Anyone in the Connecticut area? I live close to New Haven.

Yeah I’m in Waterford outside of New London

Farmington here :slight_smile:


I’m from Middletown too! But I live in Northampton Mass right now.

My son & I go to Northampton regularly for A2Z YoYo School.

I met you at the last session I went to! Long hair. Probably a button down shirt and a red hat!

Are there any clubs or organized meetings in the Connecticut area? It would be fun for me and my wife and daughter to go to something and learn things and see some really good yoyoers.

French how old are you and your son?
I’m 42. Our daughter is 5 (today actually). She’s into yo-yoing, which doesn’t amount to much right now but I’m encouraging her. She has a heck of a drop. Lol.

Also, how often is this A2Z you school? Is it a day thing or more like a camp? When and how often does it meet?


I’m 45, my son is 11, and I also have a 9 year old daughter who yoyos when the mood strikes.

A2Z has yoyo school on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 4:30 to 5:30. The teachers at A2Z are very good at breaking the tricks down and helping kids & adults learn. There is also Dogbite YoYo club at EastWorks in Easthampton, MA the 3rd Friday of the month from 7-9pm.

I haven’t found any organized clubs in CT yet, and have been a bit lazy in trying to start one.

Where in CT are you located? I recommend at least one trip to A2Z or Dogbite, as they really showcase how welcoming and friendly the entire yoyo community seems to be.

I’m from Southington. Is the yoyo school a free thing? I saw nothing about pricing on the website…

Yes, it is 100% free.

Cool, I’ll try to check it out some weekend this summer.