Contests in mass?!?!?

Anyone know when the next contests in mass are? Very interested in going/competing!!

I believe the next one is NER!!!

Is that around march?

I think it’s in April.

Awesome that news has been the highlight of my year thus far lol

You should also consider stoping by A2Z in Northampton on either Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday from 4:30-5:30 for yoyo class… It’s a TON of fun…

We also have our monthly yoyo meet called “Dogbite” it is the 2nd Friday of the month also in Northampton. All the greats are there!! Come and see what it’s all about!!

I’ve been to a2z once before to buy something. Only problem is its about an hour and fifteen min away. I think still gunna give it a try and come anyways lol