Any yoyo-ers in Massachussets USA?

Come on anyone…it would be awesome if Andre Boulay and Eric Koloski responded to this…!

right here bro! we are wicked sweet!

Check out the A2Z science and learning store:

Free yoyo classes and holds a yoyo club meet once a month.

YoYoExpert are you Andre Boulay?

Yea that is Andre, duhhh.

PHAZZE and I are in pepperell, Mass.

I live in Hyde park MA. Andre can you tell if there is going to be a State Yo-Yo Contest in MA In 2010? You know this one. Nice to know there are fellow yo-yo-ers in MA. If only A2Z wasn’t 2 hours away.


I so wannna goooo. But my dad isn’t going to drop me off there go back home and pick me up.

LOTS! Rebecca, Rocket, and I do!

If Only…anyone know any closer yoyo meets / trainings to hyde park?

I’m from Mass :] We’re working to get some indoor space to start a yoyo club more towards Boston/the Eastern side of the state. A2Z is a long ways off for many of us, and I know there’s a lot of interest!

Edit: This should be moved. Definitely in the wrong section.

That would be awesome!

Where Should I move this? To me this seems the best place. Maybe Toys R Us in Dedham will let us do our meets there, or a libary. Or a school gym.When ever you guys get the chance ask. On YYN there was a yoyo meet at Brookline at someones house but no one would want almost 100% strangers to go in thier houses. Im sure people will respond to someone with a lot of reputation cough andre boulay cough Now now now where can we get him…

Well Andre did respond to this so woohoo :o ;D :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink: I thought it was him when I saw his fav trick was Gyroscopic Flop and Dark Magic and someone in his trade reviews said he was Andre. Do I get a cookie? Or even better a cookie shaped yoyo?

Most yoyos are cookie shaped :smiley:

I heard that cookies where invented from the shape of yo-yo-s…everyone has to like yoyos now mwahahah. (( this topic is getting off topic )) ANSWER ME ANDRE…IS THERE GOING TO BE A MA STATE YOYO CONTEST IN 2010??? Sorry bout caps :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t It be amazing If someone made a yo called the cookie? or better yet, An edible yo-yo made from cookie dough!!! ;D

yum! lol

That’ll be my christmas snack. A batch of yo-yo cookies! ;D