Where in mass is there a throwers club/team? I have never met another thrower in person…ever… And it sucks lol if anyone in mass knows something I don’t please contact me ASAP or at least reply to this thread.

Well, there is this club:

A2Z Science and Learning Store
57 King St
Northampton, MA 01002

Free classes three times a week!
Dog Bite Yo-Yo Club the Second Friday of every month. Calendar available on website

And there is this club in N.H.

New Hampshire Yo-Yo Club
Monthly Meets
Find them on Facebook Here
Follow Twitter Here
Contact Fellavader on YYE for dates

There is a 21+ club somewhere, but I don’t know where they meet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget Wachusett yoyo club.

Oh yeah…

But we’ve been lax and lazy right now, so it’s cool. Not much of a club right now.

I’ve been to a2z a few times to buy new throws. It’s like 1.5 hours away so kinda hard to make it every week but if that’s the closest I might not have a choice lol. You guys from mass?

I’m from NH, where in MA are you? RI has a club too.

Central Ma Leominster to be specific.

You’re pretty close to Wachusett.

Yea I think I’m gunna contact who ever I need to and try to make it to a meet within the next week or two

Leominster is about an hour from Manchester NH where we have monthly meetings. also there is a group that meets every now and then in Boston. They have a Facebook page Boston throwers.

Awesome. I’m happy to be finding all these new clubs. Now I’m having a hard time choosing which to attend lol