martini mount


well i hope its called the martini mount. SO i need some help with the trick i know how to get into it, but any combo’s or tricks involving the martini mount. ???


Its pretty easy, but hard to explain.
At 0:08-0:09


huh didnt know that had a name


well the martini mount kinda makes sense. Beats the whippy thing around the string  that’s what i always called it. ** shrugs… as far as a trick that goes with it.  Only thing i know of off the top of my head is pacman. Heres a link. **good luck


Heres one i think i have just made up, obviously not all of it though but here we go

1.Throw a breakaway into a trapeze.
2.Put your throwhand pointer into the trapeze and roll the yoyo clockwise but don’t land on anything
3.Curl your nonthrowhand pointer in and back out again and grip the bit where your finger was. (Think, in, out, grip) You will end up with something that looks like a martini mount but the strings on the right hand side are back to front
4.Swing the yoyo up and land on the front string
5.Drop the string off of your throwhand pointer and pull your throwhand middle finger up a bit, GT!!!
6. Hop out to the front and bind back.

it is a bit sketchy and probably really hard to understand, but i tried and i will try and make a video soon.