New Mount/Trick

Name: Corridor Mount
Invented by: Me (hopefully)
Tricks needed to know: Double or Nothing

Alright. This is a mount that hopefully can have a lot of potential in the yoyoing world. If required I’ll have to try and make videos on how to do the tricks.

Step 1 Get in a Double or Nothing

Step 2 Take you NTH index finger, and pinch it inwards, in-between the two strings coming from your finger.

Further Explaination: You should be pinching your NTH index as if your shooting a gun, and then pull the strings you have towards you, so the excess string on your finger falls off

Step 3  You are now in what is called a Corridor mount. Now you should have something that looks like this.

Dismount There are many ways to dismount. For example, you can drop you NTH index and you’ll end up in a side style sleeper.

Or to land in a trapeze, you can( Learn Dr. Strange dismount to make it easier ) drop your TH index and roll the yoyo over both hands but without moving your TH. Again, just learn the Dr. Strange dismount on this site. Andre explains it very well.

Solstice This is a trick you can learn with the Corridor mount.

Step 1 Get into a Corridor mount

Step 2 Pull both your hands away from each other slowly. The yoyo will rise upwards and touch the strings on top.

Step 3 Right when the strings hit the top, you should then rotate you hands around each other, so the yoyo stays in place but only your hands move.

Step 4 Now that your hands are crossed, do it again but in the other direction. Do this as many times as your heart desires. To finish, just have your NTH and TH be in the position we were at in Step 2. Bring your hands inwards again instead of pulling outwards. Then dismount.

I hope you like this mount and hopefully people will make more tricks involving it.

nope sorry already known mount buddy

Hate to break it to you, but it’s really not new. There are lots of ways to get into that mount, lots of variations, and tons of tricks to go along with it. Sorry man. Don’t stop playing with it though. Keep going. You could come across some whole new and great thing. :slight_smile:

I ‘invented’ this mount to. I named it the Egg McMuffin mount.