tricks you have made up

please post any tricks YOU have made up?!

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You must (waves hand and pretends he’s a Jedi)

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well basically i call it a double or nothing hook, it’s basically a wrist mount, dismount using your NTH pointer finger (dismount by pushing the string connected to your throw hand with your NTH to the left and swing into a double or nothing) doing that the strings on your NTH will be in a different position, so that way when you swing out it goes right into a hook.

Old and new.  Check my channel for more.

I kinda already made a thread for this.

here ya go.

Here are 3 collections of the tricks I"ve made up.  I say this with the disclaimer that there are one or two in there not at all original to me, and the rest all have elements taught to me by others, but the combinations are mine.